The Inter-American Convention of Christian Jurists – CIAJC it is a biennial encounter promoted by Inter-American Federation of Christian Jurists – FIAJC, in which members of the national associations are gathered to experience a time of professional and spiritual development through the realization of seminars and meetings.

In addition, the leaders and associates can to discuss and establish action plans that focus on related topics with freedom of religión, freedom of expression and the defense of life. In the eddition of 2019 also will be elected the new directors board of the entity, that currently is chaired by Dr. Uziel Santana and contains the following associations:

  • AAAC – Argentine Association of Christian Lawyers
  • ABOJUC – Bolivian Association of Christian Jurists
  • ACAES – Christian Approach of El Salvador Lawyers
  • Advocates Chile – Grouping of Christian Lawyers
  • AGANC – Guatemalan Association of Notaries and Christian Lawyers
  • AJC – Alliance of Christian Jurists of Puerto Rico
  • FUCOL JURIS – Colombian Foundation of Christian Jurists
  • ANAJURE – National Association of Evangelical Lawyers
  • ANANC – National Association of Christian Lawyers and Notaries
  • Mexican Association of Christian Lawyers “Impulse 18”
  • Association of Christian Lawyers of Paraguay
  • Cuban Confraternity of Christian Lawyers
  • Association of Christian Lawyers in Costa Rica
  • FACE – Foundation of Christian Lawyers of Ecuador
  • Christian Legal Institute – Uruguay

Hotel Regente

Belém/PA, Brasil

Av. Gov. José Malcher, 485,
Nazaré, Belém – PA,
CEP: 66035-065

november, 2019






Dr. Uziel Santana (Brasil)

President of the National Association of Evangelical Lawyers in Brazil (ANAJURE) and of the Inter-American Federation of Christian Jurists (FIAJC). Secretary of IPPFoRB to Latin America and Coordinator of International Studies Programs on Religious Freedom, Freedom of Expression and Conscientious Objection. Professor of Law at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University and the Federal University of Sergipe. Visiting professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA-FD).


Dr. Sérgio Queiroz (Brasil)

He is the current Secretary of the National Secretary of Global Protection of the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights; National Treasury Prosecutor; President of the Ciudad Viva Foundation and Director of the Ciudad Viva International College; Master in philosophy and theology; Doctorate in Theology from Trinity International University, Chicago / USA., Validated by PUC / RJ.


Dr. Victor Sales Pinheiro (Brasil)

Adjunct professor at the Federal University of Pará, at the Institute of Legal Sciences. Coordinator of the Research Group (CNPq) “Tradition of Natural Law”. Doctorate in Philosophy from the State University of Rio de Janeiro. Master in Philosophy of the PUC-RIO. Law Degree at the University Center of Pará.


Dr. Ney Maranhão (Brasil)

Judge. Associate Professor of the UFPA Law Course. Doctorate in Labor Law at the USP. Specialist in Material and Procedural Labor Law from the University of Rome / La Sapienza (Italy). Master in Human Rights at the Federal University of Pará.


Dr. Guilherme de Carvalho (Brasil)

Director of L’AbriFellowship Brasil. Vice President of the Brazilian Association of Christians in Science (ABC2). Pastor in the Church of Hope. Graduated in Theology from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He has a master’s degree in Theology and Religious Sciences.


Dr. Gilberto Garcia (Brasil)

Lawyer and university professor. President of the Law and Religious Freedom Commission of the Brazilian Lawyers Institute (IAB). Master in Law from the University of Iguaçú. Religious Law Specialist. Author of books.


Dr. Luigi Braga (Brasil)

Attorney General of the South American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Specialist in “Guardianship of diffuse interests” of the University of Amazonia and Master of Law of the Catholic University of Brasilia. Professor of Law in several Brazilian colleges and universities. Member of the National Board of Directors and the Legal Intelligence Core of the Third Sector of ANAJURE.


Dr. Vanderlei Vianna (Brasil)

Lawyer. Graduated in Law from the Rio Preto University Center (UNIRP). He acts in the legal department of the South American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


Dr. Roberto Tambelini (Brasil)

Lawyer. Director of Administrative Affairs of the National Directing Council of ANAJURE. Responsible for the legal department of the Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute. Extensive experience in legal practice with public and private organizations.


Dr. Acyr de Gerone (Brasil)

Lawyer. Legal Director of the National Board of Directors of ANAJURE. Extensive experience working in the Third Sector and Religious Law.


Dr. Jonas Moreno (Brasil)

Jurist, servant of the Court of Accounts of the State of Pernambuco. Specialist in Public Law and “Constitutional State and Religious Freedom”. Pastor of the Alliance of Evangelical Congregational Churches of Brazil. Vice President of ANAJURE and member of the Committee on Religious Law and Freedom of the OAB / PE.


Rev. Gilson Silva (Brasil)

He is currently Executive Secretary of the Evangelical Mission to the Indians of Brazil (MEIB), and Pastor of the Christian Evangelical Church. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, Studied Linguistics and Missions at the School of German Missions, and Anthropology at the UniEVANGÉLICA educational institution.


Rev. Davi Charles Gomes (Brasil)

Chancellor of the Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He has a master’s degree in Systematic and Hermeneutic Theology from the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Episcopal Church / Theological Seminary of Philadelphia (1990); Graduated in Planning, Public and Community Management from the University of Massachusetts (1994), and a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Historical, Theological and Apologetic Studies from the Westminster Theological Seminary (2000). In addition, he has been a Presbyterian pastor for over twenty-six years, serving as a member and leader in commissions of the Presbyterian Church of Brazil and international Christian organizations, author of books, and international speaker.




  • THURSDAY, 28/11 At 7 pm

Opening ceremony

  • FRIDAY, 29/11

Place: Auditorium of the Brazilian Bible Society (SBB)
From 9 am to 12 pm
Panels and Plenary Sessions
From 2 pm to 6:30 pm
Panels and Plenary Sessions

  • SATURDAY, 30/11

Place: Auditorium of the Brazilian Bible Society (SBB)
From 9 am to 12 pm
Panels and Plenary Sessions
From 2 pm to 6:30 pm
Panels and Plenary Sessions
8 pm
Cultural Night

  • SUNDAY, 01/12

Tourist Programming in the Amazon Rainforest (optional)



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